Shocking Omen? Anti-Christ Obama With Horns! Demon Obama Images Go Viral

Anti-Christ Obama With Horns Images Go Viral

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Anti-Christ Obama?
Anti-Christ Obama?

By Jack Allen: A pictures speaks a thousand words. Serial Liar and Serial Drone Killer Obama with horns

What can you say but they suit him! He lied about being anti-war to get the left behind him to get placed in The White House (with the help of his Globalist Puppet Masters), now he has a war lust that should scare any reasonable person to the point of running out and buying a bomb shelter. We live in scary times where wrong is considered right and right is considered wrong. Is Obama the anti-Christ? What do you think? Murder, lies and manipulations is all Obama knows. He will lie and do so even when he knows everyone knows it is a lie. He continues to get away with it. Why? Something very sinister must be protecting him in my opinion.

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