Oregon Standoff: Bundy, Santilli Taken Into Custody, One Dead in FBI Crack Down

Bundy, Santilli Taken Into Custody, One Dead in FBI Crack Down


By Gordon Duff

We are told that LaVoy Finicum was killed.  We will include what we can as things become clearer.  We offer our condolences to the Finicum family but we also accept that Finicum had long planned a “suicide by cop.”  We don’t know him personally and now never will and thus don’t know what was in his heart.

As for the Bundy “klan,” VT is singularly opposed to groups such as this one, right wing totalitarian extremists who favor a government that would bring VT and its veterans into armed conflict to prevent.  The Bundy/Oregon militia’s race hatred, religious extremism and tasteless ignorance is inexcusable.

Our own knowledgeable sources confirm that one police informant was arrested with the group today as part of a cover operation.  We will watch events carefully, particularly waiting to see what Alex Jones has to say.

I still remember two minor episodes that marked the death of the Michigan militia, the largest ever organized in America.  I believe it may have been Thomas R. Wayne who said at a militia gathering:  “Will all FBI informants please leave the room.”  Before he could get the next sentence out, he found himself alone.

More or less officially, the Michigan militia disbanded when George “W” Bush took office stating:  “With a man like this in office, there is no need to protect the American people, not when George W. Bush can do it better than we can.

No more telling words were ever spoken and these are the words.

Source: http://www.veteranstoday.com/2016/01/26/bundy-taken-into-custody-one-dead-in-fbi-crack-down/