Israel Likely To Send Missiles Into Europe As A False Flag, Putin Vows To Neutralize US Threats

PutinIsraeliFalseFlagPutin vows to neutralize threats posed by US missile system in Europe

The Russian president warns that Moscow will act to neutralize the threats posed by a US missile system in Europe.

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Speaking to top defense and military industry officials, Putin said the US missile system threatens global security. Putin said the system is aimed at blunting Russia’s nuclear arsenal adding that Washington is using pretexts to develop it. The remarks came a day after the United States switched on an 800 million dollar missile system in Romania. The two missile systems in Romania and Poland are part of NATO’s larger European missile system, due to become fully operational by 2018. The US and NATO claim that the system is not aimed against Russia, but Moscow views it as a security threat on its doorstep.