Historic Newspapers Expose The Evil Zionist 6 Million Holocaust Scam That Caused The Deaths Of Millions Of Non-Jews

Historic Newspapers Expose The Evil Zionist 6 Million Holocaust Scam That Caused The Deaths Of Millions Of Non-Jews


The greatest lie ever told – The Holocaust – 2015 Documentary HD

 It is very important to point out before WW2, Stalin and His Godless Bolshevik Jews killed an estimated 100 million mostly Christian people. Currently Zionists push wars and still enjoy mass murdering people. The world is being played and you might not know this information because most of the mainstream news is owned by the same Satanic evil.

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“If you do not specify and confront real issues, what you say will surely obscure them. If you do not alarm anyone morally, you yourself remain morally asleep. If you do not embody controversy, what you say will be an acceptance of the drift of the coming hell.”  C Wright Mills.

I need to share information I have discovered and bring it to the table of truth. I recently travelled to southern Spain to meet with a great self-taught scholar and author. His library lives in the guesthouse we stayed in, endless rooms and shelves of books on Anthropology, Gnosticism, Philosophy, Psychology, Philanthropy, Romanticism, Feminism, Astronomy, Astrology, Esoteric Teachings, Religion, Conspiracy, Science, Poetry, Numerology to list but a few. In other words, Heaven for any seeker of wisdom and truth.

John Lamb Lash ‘Not In his Image’ www.metahistory.org.

As we had no transport and were half way up a mountain there was nothing to do but read…

I read diligently for 2 weeks, ingesting so much knowledge. One may ask, what to do with all that knowledge? I believe it is my moral obligation to share that knowledge, and impart it in such a way as to encourage others to share with their loved ones the truth of how our world really operates, and what role we all play in it. You may not want to hear it. You may not even agree with it – that does not mean it isn’t so. But that is another essay under construction…

The single most thing I feel obliged to impart, in the hope that you too will share with others, is the information I absorbed from the housekeeper Lukas. A Lithuanian self proclaimed peasant farmer – a man of high intellect and dry humour, fluent in 5 languages, another self taught scholar who opened my eyes to the depth of deception we have been forced to ingest. I thought I was awake. I thought I couldn’t be shocked to my very core anymore, how wrong I was.

I have always had an interest in World War history, my family instilled it in me from birth as both my Grandfathers & Great Grandfathers fought hard and bloody battles in both wars. I have come to learn my understanding of that history was mistaught by the propaganda machine of Great Britain/USA. I listened to Lukas give an Eastern European version of events, differing in every way to my comprehension gained from school, history books, familial syntax and BBC/Hollywood productions. Naturally I researched my new findings meticulously, or I could be listening to just another nation’s propaganda. I discovered the following…

Germany was left desperate and desolate post WWI, the Treaty of Versailles imposed not only huge loss of land and therefore German peoples, but also they were not permitted to retain an army of more than 1,000 soldiers. The Germans were left humiliated, vulnerable and in abject poverty, literally starving to death. The ‘War Guilt Tax’ imposed on them was a staggering $32 billion dollars. When the National Socialist Party rose to power unemployment was at a record high, when Hitler became Germany’s Leader & Chancellor there was then only a 2% population of Jews, however, that minority owned 50% of German media and controlled 70% of German churches. They had introduced pornography, adultery, narcotics and sexual subversion to German culture through art and other avenues. The infamous ‘burning of books’ we are all familiar with was in fact the NSDAP burning Jewish pornography. In just 5 years, Hitler managed to completely turn around the nation he fought for in WWI into a thriving industrial success. People were now fed and prosperous, for this fact alone they loved their Adolf Hitler.

WWII did not begin in spring 1939 with England declaring war on Germany, it began on 29th March 1933 when the World’s Jewish people declared war on Germany – a fact conveniently left out of our school history books and Hollywood/BBC productions.

The British PM Lloyd George wrote:

“The International Bankers swept statesmen, politicians, journalists and jurists all to one side and issued their orders with the imperiousness of absolute Monarchs. They had declared economic and financial war on Germany.”

A ‘Holy War on Germany’, intent on the destruction of Germany and it’s people.

We should not therefore ever ask what the Germans did to the Jews, but what the Jews did to the Germans. And what they are doing still to this day.

Hitler was protecting Germany from the World’s Zionist Bankers whose evil agenda was to enforce Capitalism and Communism throughout the World. The German nation was falling to Zionist Jews who held key positions of power represented disproportionately, as they do today in the UK. It is true Hitler desired a certain alien element out of the country, he saw only too well the dark & derogative influence subverted by them. The Zionists and NSDAP drew up the Harvaara Agreement in 1933 enabling Jews to peacefully leave Germany for Palestine (a common goal for the Zionists since the 1880’s), they could invest money in a German manufacturing company and then on their arrival in Israel reclaim their investment.

When Poland began to attack, torture and execute German nationals that were living within the new borders of Poland, Hitler felt compelled to act – the true reason for his ‘invasion of Poland’. He never wanted war with England, he respected the English and their culture and was often quoted as saying “Leave England out of this”. Meanwhile, in 1936 Winston Churchill allowed himself to be bought to the tune of £40,000 by a group called Focus, bankers and industrialists (all Rothschild Zionists) with a vested interest in WWII. An iniquitous bribe to get England in another war with Germany.

Between 1939-1941 Hitler wrote 24 letters to various English Cabinet Ministers offering peace, all were ignored. Even before 1939 the British Propaganda Ministry were leaflet-dropping by plane over the UK, indoctrinating the idea that a Nazi invasion of England was imminent and that Germans were ‘gassing Jews’, planting disinformation in a susceptible nations’ mind. I had always felt confused by the throngs of German people in their propaganda films, smiling and waving, desperate to get a glimpse of their beloved Leader. It never occurred to me that it was genuine, that they actually truly adored this man. Evidently, Adolf Hitler and the NSDAP have been demonised to alter history.

My investigations lead me to David Irving, an English historian with a 50 year career of book writing and giving presentations about his work. As a young man, Irving went to live in Germany primarily to learn German, working as a steel worker. In conversation, his colleagues told him opposing accounts of the war he was familiar with, so he started to think ‘If I didn’t know that fact then I’ll bet other millions of English people don’t know that either’. He then wrote a book ‘The Destruction of Dresden’. The undefended city of Dresden had more than 700,000 phosphorous bombs dropped on 1.2 million people – 2 bombs per person. More people died in 14 hours than Nagasaki & Hiroshima combined. His accurate account of the devastating attack gave Irving a good reputation with the German people, they trusted him. Eventually, he was able to penetrate Hitler’s inner circle, Secretaries, Massage Therapists, Doctors, high ranking Officers whom Hitler trusted. He built solid relationships, sometimes friendships with these people over a period of 10 years. Although some acknowledged Hitler as sometimes a cruel man, they all still loved him emphatically. A common sentiment, captured German soldiers incarcerated for over 10 years wrote letters home declaring they would still die for their Leader.

Hitler was not the racist he has been made out to be. The German army was the most culturally diverse army in history – Arabs, Hindus, Croats, Serbs, Muslims, Christians, Catholics all fought together for Germany whilst USA soldiers were segregated by their skin colour. The story of Jesse Owen being snubbed by Hitler after winning gold medals at the 1936 Olympics, was in fact his own President Roosevelt that refused to acknowledge or even look at him. Incidentally, Roosevelt (Rothschild Zionist) contravened every International Law to goad Germany into war with the USA, giving countless speeches filled with lies and disinformation about the war in Europe to an unsuspecting American nation. He knew full well Pearl Habor was targeted to be attacked and did absolutely nothing to prevent it. Personally, I now question whether it was even the Japanese who attacked Hawaii on that fateful day. Japan was already at war with China, they too had had their financial, economic and fuel amenities withheld by the Rothschild Zionist Bankers. No fuel and no money, it makes no sense to attack the USA, in other words, committing national suicide.

It is undeniable that many Jews and other people suffered terribly at that hands of Nazi Germany. There were enforced work camps all over Europe but not all were German, but they were used by all warring factions. Holocaust is a term introduced into our psyches in 1970, ironically my year of birth too. I am sorry to inform you the legend of Auschwitz as an extermination camp for Jews is an outright fabrication. Hitler ordering the extermination of Jews in these ‘death camps’ cannot be found referenced in ANY of the German archives Irving researched, despite the Germans being famous for their meticulous record keeping. No mention of prisoners being gassed were revealed by the code breakers of Bletchey Park and their Enigma machine. Nothing. Anywhere. Hitler’s inner circle all alluded to the fact that Hitler was unaware Jews were being executed in work camps, when he eventually found out he ordered this “had to stop immediately”.

It is common knowledge some Nazis were shooting Jews in to mass graves however, it is a physical impossibility for them to have been gassed en masse as is portrayed by the Auschwitz Legend. When samples from the brickwork of the ‘gas chambers’ were forensically examined for traces of Zyklon B (Hydrogen Cyanide), traces were nil. When samples of brickwork were taken for analysis from the smaller gas chambers where prisoner’s clothes were fumigated for delousing, they were rich in the permanent compound Cyanide, aka Prussian Blue, which is even visible on the outside of the fumigation building. Remember that chemical analysis is an exact science of quantifiable data collection. There are glass windows in the chamber doors and big gaps beneath the doors – not exactly airtight. No holes in the ceilings where the chemicals were allegedly administered, to mention but a few holes in the story.

Think about it, mountains of fuel would be required to stoke the fires of crematoriums to cremate hundreds of thousands of bodies. An average of 60 kg of coke per person would be required. In May 1944, 450,000 Hungarian Jews were allegedly gassed and cremated all within 3 weeks. British Intelligence have aerial shots of Auschwitz over those exact weeks, no mountains of fuel or mountains of bodies are visible (27,000,000 kgs of coke would be needed to fuel the fires). Another question, after gassing people to death, how would anyone get in to the gas chambers with dead bodies blocking the doors and without running the risk of exposing themselves to the deadly Zyklon B which can be absorbed through skin contact?

The Polish have now admitted that they themselves built the ‘Auschwitz gas chambers’ in 1948. German lawyers of Holocaust Deniers are fined for giving evidence in defence of their clients – the Supreme Court in 2009 ruled a special caveat for freedom of speech laws, ‘Germany is by way of exception’. One judge, in his summation of a Holocaust Denier trial said “It is completely irrelevant whether or not the Holocaust actually did or did not happen. It is illegal to deny it in Germany and that is all that counts”. Auschwitz is a big booming business, the USA alone have invested billions of dollars in perpetuating sympathy for the legend which in turn perpetuates sympathy for Zionism. The brass plaques written in 20 languages at Auschwitz were recently changed again to alter the figure of people that died there at the hands of the ‘murderous Nazis’, from 4 million to 1.5 million. Anne Frank’s Diary is mostly propaganda too, parts of it rewritten in ballpoint pen in the early 1950’s by a Jewish writer called Levin, her father became even more wealthy (he escaped going to a work camp because he continued to do business in Amsterdam with the Nazis throughout the war) from the sale of his dead daughter’s diary. Levin later sued Frank in court for a huge sum of money he believed he was due for writing such a successful book. Anne Frank’s Diary is still compulsory reading in many education systems today.

I too saw those gory film reels of bodies being bulldozed into huge graves. But the fact that it is actually a British bulldozer, being driven by a man in British uniform does not correlate to the narrative we were force fed with those images. Perhaps they are images of the millions who died in Eisenhower’s Death Camps instead? Millions of German soldiers and civilians were held in these camps after the war and were deliberately denied basics – water, food and shelter. Eisenhower’s Holocaust, another historical fact conveniently not held in the collective consciousness, simply because it was not placed there by those that manipulate us.

Hitler said “It will take a German speaking Englishman to tell the truth about me”. Irving’s International Campaign For Historical Truth should be listened to by all of us and all generations to come. Particularly, when so many millions of dollars have been spent on trying to smear campaign him and his work and the fight for truth. ‘Holocaust survivor’ relates to anyone that is of Jewish origin who survived the Third Reich Occupation of Europe, not just the camps. There were more Jews residing in Europe after WWII than before, Germany is still, and apparently always will be, financially compensating Holocaust survivors. Stringent laws operate in Germany under the guise of anti-semetism, people are sent to prison for speaking out about the Holocaust. Even scientists have been imprisoned for discovering evidence that refutes the legend! Germany will never complete paying it’s national debt to the Zionists for their ‘crimes’ against the Jewish people. And we will never have in our collective consciousness the figure of people who have died at the hands of Jews (it’s never spoken about) – at least 60 million and counting. We all know the figure of the ‘6 million’, a clear fabrication now in my mind at least. A figure that should be in all our minds is the estimated 13 million Germans who were killed after the war ended.

“A predisposition to believe can be overturned only by extensive reindoctrination, an overwhelming barrage of indisputable factual data, or by some trauma related to the predisposition.” Dr Wilson Bryan Key.

David Irving’s International Campaign For Historical Truth:


His website:


Sylvia Stolz:


Ernst Zundel – Interviewed by an Israeli journalist (1996)

The Greatest story Never Told:

Hellstorm – Exposing The Real Genocide of Nazi Germany (Full)

Keep a calculator at hand to add up the body count Stalin and the Bolsheviks (also Jews), and the allied armies clocked up. Massacre after massacre, in Bleiburg alone 700,000 people were killed, civilians and soldiers were lied to by British and allied troops to get them on trains transporting them back East rather than West, sending them to their executions.

The Soviets routinely massacred and tortured ritualistically but were exempt from the British War Crimes Act as ‘War Crimes by definition were committed only by Germans’. When Soviets invaded Germany, Stalin gave orders (condoned by Churchill) to rape and demoralise the German women and break their nationalism. Age 8 to 80 was their policy, sometimes gang raped and in many cases raped to death whilst men and their children were forced to watch. Russians trying to prevent these heinous crimes were arrested and sent to the Gulag for 10 years.


(A Hitler speech only recently made available and now with accurate translation)

Humanity’s problem is a certain type of human being believes they are superior to everyone else, ‘God’s chosen people’. I am not proposing that all Jews are Zionists, I know lots of them campaign tirelessly against Zionism which is hardly ever reported in mainstream media, no surprise when 90% of the world’s media is owned by Rothschild Zionists. I know this talk of Jews will make you feel uncomfortable but the game has been rigged that way – a caucasian person cannot now say anything about a person of another race or religion, yet the same rules do not apply in reverse. This is not a race issue, the issue is a political ponerology.

Zionist Elder Protocol:



Walt Lippman said:

“Psychological research has revolutionised democracy. The old dogma of democracy is outdated because people are stupid.” He compared “the masses to a great beast that need to be ruled by Elites. These Elites are specialists, experts & bureaucrats, the invisible governing class”.

‘Father of Journalism’ and German Jew/Rothschild Zionist.

Edward Bernays said:

“We need an invisible government. The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the habits & opinions of the masses is an important element of democracy. Public opinion can be regulated through technology. Movies are the greatest unconscious carrier of the propaganda tool. It’s a great distribution of ideas and opinions, films can standardise the habits and opinions of a nation. The Elites who manipulate public opinion are the invisible government which is the true ruling power of the country.”

‘Father of Public Relations’, Austrian Jew/Rothschild Zionist and nephew of Sigmund Freud, responsible for Freud’s books being published in the UK/USA, Freud being the ‘Father of Psychology’.

The time in history has come for us all to stop being controlled by these Elites and their mainstream media lies. Until we stop listening to mainstream media we can never be truly free.

David Irving is doing a 3 week presentation tour in November:  www.focal.org/speaks/index.html

Disclaimer: I am not anti-semite. I do whole heartedly reject Rothschild Zionism and their unempathetic control of humanity, and the occupation of Palestine.



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