Creepy Zionist Controlled News Promotes Getting Your Kids RFID 666 Mark Of The Beast Micro-Chipped

RFID 666 MarkCreepy Zionist Controlled News Promotes Getting Your Kids RFID 666 Mark Of The Beast Micro-Chipped

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By Jack Allen

One of my first jobs was managing the barcode system at a grocery store. At that time this barcode computer system was very large and took up a whole room. I thought it was cool that no one had to go around and put price stickers on products anymore. That was always a big pain with lots of mistakes. So I thought the barcode system was great.

There was one older customer that always came into the store that liked to talk about very wild stuff and I enjoyed talking with him. One day he was predicting the future and started talking about the coming Mark Of The Beast 666 stuff and he said my job of setting up the barcode system was a precursor to everyone on the planet being given the Mark Of The Beast. He talked about everyone being chipped and if the Government wanted to turn you off they could do it on a second with the push of a button.

He really creeped! He continued to mentioned it to me every time he saw me at the store. I eventually went back to college and I really never thought about the Mark Of The Beast 666 Paranormal stuff until I realized one day every thing that old gentleman told me many years ago is now a scary reality.

As most people with a clue realize now most governments around the world, including the United State are controlled by Creepy Satanic Zionists and their Demon Puppets. They are control freaks and have a sick agenda and lust for wars, mass murders and creating a Debt Slave population of Zombies. Micro-Chipping the population of the world certainly fits into their evil agenda nicely but people have to be talked into getting their chip!

Watch the video below to see the soft sell of getting your kids chipped. This is how it starts! Once it starts, paid off Zionist politicians will pass laws to make micro-chipping mandatory. The Satanic Zionists want you disarmed and wired to their Anti-Christ Matrix. Obamacare seems to be part of the Mark Of The Beast micro-chipping scheme as well.




Video Below: This former Jew warns of the mandatory national ID coming soon.

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