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The Jewish war against America did not begin on 9/11, It began much earlier

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 2.39.14 AMWe Are Their Slaves!

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It is now only too clear that Americans have lost their country. The Jews are our masters and we are their slaves. What can we do about it?

An abridged adaption by Lasha Darkmoon of a recent article by Video Rebel,
with sincere apologies to the author for the changes  I have made to his original text.

“9/11 was good for Israel.”

It was 9/11 that finally revealed to us the extraordinary chutzpah of our Jewish masters.

That the Israelis did 9/11 with the help of Jewish collaborators in PNAC and AIPAC has become all too apparent to the cognoscenti. The hidden criminality behind this event has been cleverly covered up by our Jewish owned media.

9/11 was a definite declaration of war against America by Israel. 

The Israeli 9/11 Connection – Israel did 911 Full Documentary Film

Israel did 9/11 – All the Proof in the World

Israeli Mossad Did 9/11 and Assassinated JFK – John Lear

The Coverup of Zionist Organized Crime!

The Secret Behind Jewish Communism

The Israelis wired World Trade Center Towers 1, 2 and 7 for demolition. Tower 7 was never struck by a plane. Yet it fell down in 6.5 seconds.

The BBC was told by the Rothschild-owned Reuters news agency that WTC 7 had collapsed an hour before it did. America was still on Daylight Savings Time but Britain had just left Summer Time, so a confused BBC announced the collapse of WTC 7 fully 24 minutes before it happened in New York.

Knowing that your government can kill the President and blow up buildings with Americans inside, as in Oklahoma City and in New York, helps to restrain hostile criticism of the government. People are nervous and say to themselves,“If they can kill 3000 innocent Americans for Israel and get away with it, what chance do I have?”

9/11 unleashed America’s “War on Terror” against various Muslim countries unable to accept direct invasion and conquest by Israel. This was America doing Israel’s dirty work for it. Israel claims all the land from the Nile to the Euphrates. The War on Terror is simply a process allowing Jews to gain control of non-Jewish lands.

The War on Terror has cost American taxpayers trillions of dollars to date. 9/11 was used to justify military actions that have killed and maimed millions of people in the Middle East. Some of these people were Christians, but the majority were Muslims. Their descendants and friends, the one who survived the initial carnage, have been radicalized as a result. They now have every reason to seek revenge against their aggressors — the ones who perpetrated 9/11 and then used it as an excuse to plunder Islamic lands. 

The Great Global Reset is designed to make America so weak and so poor that they will be incapable of resisting their Jewish lords and masters on Wall Street, in the City of London, and in Israel. If they are lucky, Americans will be able to find jobs as mercenaries, helping to kill people for Israel around the world.

The Last Global Reset occurred at Bretton Woods in July of 1944. It is ironic that the United States was represented by the Jewish Communist Harry Dexter White. He was appointed to that post after after two different sources had denounced him as a Soviet spy. He was denounced by a third source in 1945 but was subsequently appointed by President Truman to be the first US director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

What does that tell you about Truman? It tells you that Truman had fallen under the yoke of the Jews: that he had become little more than a Jewish puppet.

In 1944 the US was given the monetary keys to His Majesty’s Jewish Empire, otherwise known as the British Empire. Prince Charles has admitted his family originally came from Transylvania. I was impressed by  a documentary on the British royal family which  revealed that the royals also had German Jewish roots.

Queen Elizabeth I and the African slave trade figured prominently in that video. The facts it provided were compelling. 90 percent of the ships running slaves to the British, Spanish and Portuguese colonies were Jewish owned. The video went on to discuss Queen Victoria and the opium trade, including the two Opium Wars she fought against China.

But again, a curious fact emerged: the profits of these wars went mostly into the capacious pockets of Jewish bankers and traders.

The same can be said of the Boer war. Her Majesty’s Jewish Government managed to kill tens of thousands of women and children in concentration camps in South Africa. But the spoils of the war did not go to the 300,000 gentile soldiers.

The gold and diamond mines went to the Jews. Not much has changed. In 2014, black police killed 34 unarmed miners who were demanding a justified pay rise. Jews still own the mines. They own the black police, too, who take orders from the Jews to kill their fellow blacks.  

What Bretton Woods did was transform His Majesty’s Jewish Empire into America’s branch of Judaism Incorporated. The US did have some prosperity after the war because their planes had reduced German and Japanese cities to rubble. But the primary cause of America’s illusory prosperity after the 1960s was the ability to print dollars and to buy things from overseas for free. We could buy cars, electronics, food, raw materials, oil, clothes and everything else in exchange for Federal Reserve Notes—IOU notes—that were essentially worthless.

The Chinese and the Russians have served notice that this ability to make others work for free will come to an end very soon. They formed the BRICS economic alliance (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South, Africa) which by now has probably more than 120 nations supporting them. They also formed alternatives to the IMF and the World Bank. The Obama administration impotently tried to stop allies from joining China’s Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank. The British, Germans and Australians all joined.

At the last minute the US tried to sign up, but China said they were too late. Ah, too bad! The fox was denied entry to the hen house!

The Russians and the Chinese have also set up their own ratings agencies and their own interbank transfer system to replace SWIFT. In short, they have immunized themselves from American sanctions. Very soon, American presidents will not be allowed to boss the world around like bullies.

The Russians and the Chinese have also formed a military alliance called the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). This includes Russia, China, India, Pakistan, Iran and several smaller nations. NATO member Turkey has observer status.

nirabh-photo_20140701072904.jpg b

As I have said before, China has applied for the yuan to become the fifth currency in the IMF’s SDR basket of currencies which presently includes the dollar, the pound, the euro and the yen. Prior to September 15th the Chinese have to open their gold bullion vaults to international inspection.

And how about Fort Knox being opened to international inspection? It would be nice to know if the US dollar is backed by anything substantial.

The Chinese, by all accounts, are reported to possess at least 10,000 metric tonnes of gold. In addition, they have trillions of dollars in cash and US Treasury bonds. But they will also need that to bail out their rather corrupt corporations. According to an estimate from Jim Rickards, who is a consultant to the CIA and the Department of Defense:

When the Chinese sell US Treasury bonds en masse to pay off their bad corporate debts, Americans will see the dollar plunge to abysmal levels, making imported goods cost 500% more.

So this is where we are right now: in the eye of the storm.

The Talmud has told the Jews that they have the right to rob non-Jews as soon as Jewish leaders take control of the government. Non-Jews, we are told repeatedly in the Talmud, are little more than cattle; we are here on earth only for Jewish exploitation. The Federal Reserve, which is run by Jews, has $1.6 trillion in fraudulent mortgages it had to buy to keep Jewish financial criminals from going to jail.

You will have no pensions and savings when you retire because the Jews gave themselves permission to steal your money. That is why we have a Patriot Act which took away our freedom and gave Judaism Incorporated the right to detain us without trial, to torture us, and even to kill us.

This is not agitprop. These are verifiable facts.

The North American Free Trade Act (NAFTA) closed 57,000 manufacturing plants and sent 12 million jobs overseas. New measures are being introduced right now to reduce our sovereignty to zero and turn us into a nation of slaves.

I have been warning for years that hyperinflation in America will not start until the dollar is devalued. That should begin later this year. Hyperinflation will destroy all welfare benefits, including food stamps. And that means nationwide food riots.

It was also by design that we have a black President who has flooded the country with Latino immigrants, many of whom have gang tattoos and extensive criminal histories. Meanwhile, border guards are required to let these thugs into the country, no questions asked.

It seems this Zionist-controlled government actually wants crime—an unprecedented crime wave—so as to justify the imposition of an Israelified police state. They are deliberately creating havoc and confusion in order to “protect” us from the havoc and confusion they have created.

I have believed for more than 30 years that Wall Street wants a race war. And they will get a race war, with blacks and Hispanics against whites. White American men can expect to be gunned down in the streets any time soon. As for white women, they should get ready for gang rape on an unprecedented scale — as in post-war Germany, when 2 million German women were raped by Allied forces. 

Nationwide food riots will give cover to targeted assassinations and mass imprisonment of political dissidents, eccentric intellectuals, and anyone capable of independent thought.

The next obvious step would be genocidal germ warfare. They have advanced to the point where they can release toxic viruses to target specific races.

The Jewish war against America did not begin on 9/11. It began much earlier. We are under the iron heel of the Jews. Their wage slaves. Their debt slaves. Their mind slaves. Mesmerized by the media they control. Coarsened and stupefied by their movies. Emasculated and demoralized by the pornography with which they have infected even our children.

We wear the chains the Jews have forged for us. 




Source Info: http://www.renegadetribune.com/we-are-their-slaves/

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Linked To One Of The Biggest Frauds In History

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (R) is sitting next to Arnaud Mimran on a beach in Monte-Carlo, Monaco, August 2003.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (R) is sitting next to Arnaud Mimran on a beach in Monte-Carlo, Monaco, August 2003.

A report has exposed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s shady relations with a French individual considered by French prosecutors as the “brain” behind one of the biggest frauds in history.


According to a recent report by French news website Mediapart, which was obtained by Israeli newspaper Haaretz, Netanyahu has had affiliations with French national Arnaud Mimran.

Mimran, along with his partners, is accused of stealing between 300 million to 1.6 billion euros in a fraud case commonly referred to in Europe as “the scam of the century.”

The report said that since the early 2000s, the Mimran family has loaned Netanyahu, then Israel’s finance minister, a spacious apartment on Avenue Victor Hugo, in the heart of Paris’ 16th Arrondissement.

Mimran is free on a bail of 100,000 euros after spending 10 months in jail awaiting indictment on charges including extortion in a different case.

The trial of Mimran, who denies all of the allegations against him, will begin in Paris on May 2.

Police are also probing his possible involvement in other cases, including the mysterious murder of his ex-wife’s billionaire father Claude Dray.

This week, Mediapart journalist Fabrice Arfi published the photograph of Mimran relaxing with Netanyahu on the French Riviera.

In a series of articles slated to be published over the coming weeks, whose details were shared with Haaretz, Mediapart will say that Mimran has benefited from wide-ranging connections that have delayed his trial until now.

The name of Netanyahu appears first among such connections as revealed by Mediapart.

“From the evidence I have collected it is clear the Mimran family regularly donated money to the Likud movement in France, and Arnaud Mimran took care to tirelessly cultivate this connection,” Arfi wrote in reference to the ruling and Netanyahu’s party in Israel.

Throughout 2000s, Mimran was suspected of many crimes. He was convicted of tax offenses in France in the late 1990s.

In 2000, three years before a vacation with Netanyahu in Monaco, he was investigated on suspicion of insider trading in the United States and agreed, together with his partners, to pay a fine of 1.2 million dollars.

According to the current indictment, Mimran and his partners stole at least 282 million euros from the European Union over the course of 10 months, from the summer of 2008 to the spring of 2009. He also accused of stealing 1.6 billion euros from the French republic’s coffers.

One of Mimran’s partners, who was arrested and will stand trial alongside Mimran, is Marco Mouly, a Tunisian Jew with a long history of misconduct.[corner-ad id=1]

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Zionist Puppets Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio tried to use an Israel hammer to bash Donald Trump, It Failed

Zionist Puppets Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio tried to use an Israel hammer to bash Donald Trump, It Failed

Video: Israeli Terrorism Against America

Trump’s Triumphs Demolish Netanyahu’s Fortress GOP Strategy

By VNN – The N.Y. tycoon is decimating the three legs of blanket Republican support for Israel: Evangelicals, Jews and interventionist hawks.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump waves goodbye to supporters after a campaign stop, Thursday, March 3, 2016, in Portland, Maine.AP

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump waves goodbye to supporters after a campaign stop, Thursday, March 3, 2016, in Portland, Maine.AP

by Chemi Shalev - Haaretz

In their Super Tuesday speeches, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio tried to use an Israel hammer to bash Donald Trump. Cruz sneeringly lambasted him for saying he would remain “neutral” while Rubio trounced Trump for trying to stay “impartial”, as his audience booed accordingly. And Trump? Trump was racking up victories, amassing delegates and laughing all the way to the top of the Republican presidential field.

In this way, the New York billionaire is decimating the conventional wisdom, one of many, that in 2016, total and unconditional support for Israel is a prerequisite for any aspiring GOP candidate wishing to run for president; that such a pledge of allegiance to Israel, in general, and to Benjamin Netanyahu, in particular, is a threshold requirement for gaining the support of Evangelicals, who set the tone during primary season; and that the flow of sympathy for Israel from liberal Democrats to conservative Republicans is inevitable, perhaps even desirable, and in any case unstoppable.

It’s painfully obvious that the GOP has much more loyalty to Bibi Netanyahu than to their own U.S. President.It’s painfully obvious that the GOP has much more loyalty to Bibi Netanyahu than to their own U.S. President.

It’s painfully obvious that the GOP has much more loyalty to Bibi Netanyahu than to their own U.S. President.

It’s painfully obvious that the GOP has much more loyalty to Bibi Netanyahu than to their own U.S. President.

But exactly a year after Netanyahu took this logic to its extreme and stood on the podium of Congress as Leader of the Republican opposition to President Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran, the conception is falling apart. The notion that the Republican Party is a monolithic bastion of support that will withstand the test of time is evaporating. The belief that any Republican president who will follow Obama will be better for Israel is eroding with each passing day. Faced with the Trump phenomenon, Netanyahu’s Fortress GOP strategy is collapsing like a house of cards.

And it doesn’t really make that much difference whether Trump is a “phony” who is pulling the wool over the GOP’s innocent eyes, as former presidential contender Mitt Romney asserted in his astonishingly harsh speech on Thursday, or whether Trump has simply exposed the dark subterranean streams of jingoism and prejudice and resentment of Jews that were there all along. If Trump is the Republican candidate, never mind if he’s elected president, Israel’s place in American politics and possibly around the world will be put in question. But if Romney’s scary portrayal of Trump is even half true, that should be the least of our worries.

In the outgoing dogmatic GOP, Trump’s equivocations would have earned him a place in the all-time rogues gallery of Enemies of the Jewish People, somewhere between Obama and Father Coughlin. Today, Evangelicals shrug them off and continue to vote for Trump, as they did this week in Alabama, Georgia, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Vermont and Virginia.

Cruz, Rubio explode.


Cruz, Rubio explode.

Every time Cruz and Rubio try to hit Trump over the head with an Israel club and nothing happens, it is Israel’s weakness that is exposed. Every time Trump wins a party primary without challenge from his supporters, another nail is driven into the coffin of the unshakeable alliance between Israel and America’s deep right.

And it’s not as if Trump is really anti-Israel; hardly. Like in most other complex policy issues on which he has spoken, Trump is mainly incoherent, improvising as he goes along, shooting from the lip, saying one thing one day and the opposite the next. He is “totally a friend” of Israel, Obama is“the most horrible president ever” for Israel, and the Iran deal is a joke. But Trump refuses to acknowledge United Jerusalem, wants to remain “neutral” so that he can broker a peace deal with the Palestinians, which is a challenge worthy of a master dealmaker like him. If he fails, he’s already made clear, Israel will be to blame.

Trump not only diverts the Republican leadership from uniform automatic support for Netanyahu, he is destroying the internal coalition that was the lynchpin of the party’s strong pro-Israel stance. Evangelical support for Trump has already sparked an internal rupture, which has some experts declaring the death of America’s Religious Right. Evangelical leaders and many of their supporters in the media are heartbroken that so many Believers are flocking after the thrice married, dirty-talking reality star. They are less perturbed by his deviation from the strict pro-Israel party line, however, and more by the sinful ways for which he has not asked forgiveness.

If Trump becomes their candidate, the GOP will lose its most hawkish, most neoconservative and most pro-Israel secular elements as well. They are repelled not only by his indecipherable positions on Israel but also by his harsh criticism of George Bush and the Iraq War, his undisguised adulation of dictators from Vladimir Putin to Bashar Assad, his all round belligerence and his neo-isolationist vision of making America great again within its hermetically sealed walls. “As president, he would use the authority of his office to act in ways that make America less safe, and which would diminish our standing in the world” according to public letter signed by 50 GOP national security stalwarts, many of them known for their pro-Israel positions. “We commit ourselves to working energetically to prevent the election of someone so utterly unfitted to the office.”

Benjamin Netanyahu with Sheldon AdelsonBenjamin Netanyahu with Sheldon Adelson

Benjamin Netanyahu with Sheldon Adelson

Benjamin Netanyahu with Sheldon Adelson

The third leg of the GOP’s pro-Israel array that Trump is eviscerating are the Jews. Although Sheldon Adelson’s ongoing silence has caused some people to suspect he will end up supporting Trump, other big time Jewish donors, including hedge fund billionaire Paul Singer, have placed their money on his currently losing rivals. And the Republican hope that 2016 will finally see the long awaited migration of Jews disappointed by Obama to the GOP is dashed once again. Trump hardly stands a chance of garnering 30% of the Jewish vote, as Romney did in 2012, never mind the 40% that Rubio might reasonably be expected to receive. He’s more likely to revert the GOP’s Jewish vote in the direction of the 11% that George Bush Sr. got in 1992, or the 10% that Barry Goldwater received in 1964.

But the Jews won’t be fleeing Trump because of his policies towards Israel or because he refuses to repeat Cruz and Rubio’s inane pledge to tear the Iranian nuclear deal apart on their first day in office. The Jews won’t abandon Trump because he’s married for the third time, or because he went bankrupt four times, or because he uses dirty words whenever he can. They certainly won’t desert Trump because of his positions on abortion, health care or separation of church and state, which are more aligned with theirs than Cruz’s, Rubio’s or Kasich’s.

The Jews will run away from Trump because he scares them. Because his demagoguery is ominous, his willingness to slash and burn anyone standing in his way is disturbing, his tendency to incite his supporters against other ethnic groups from rapist Mexicans to terrorist Muslims, is a source of deep anxiety. Beneath the great wave of popular support for Trump one can make out with increasing clarity the dark undercurrents of rage and resentment and xenophobia that is often seen morphing into White supremacism and abhorrence of African Americans and then, on the outskirts, bad old hatred of the Jews. The allusions to Germany in the 1930’s are absurd, no doubt, but nonetheless surfacing with ever-increasing frequency.

Trump’s dithering resistance to a clear and unequivocal condemnation of David Duke and the Ku Klux Klan set the alarm bells ringing. Add to that the disturbing incidents in which African Americans are brutally manhandled at Trump events, in some cases by American Nazis who laud Trump for “resisting Jewish money.” Grotesquely, that was the connection made this week between Duke, who hates Jews and blacks, and Louis Farrakhan, who loathes Jews and whites.

The Trump phenomenon reinforces the long held claim that part of the alliance of shared values between Israel and the American extreme right is based on a warped and racist view of Israel as a forward post of white civilization against the darker barbarians at the gate. Israelis who have cast themselves as Republicans have taken scant interest in the domestic side of the GOP, with which some of them might even agree. Many of them will continue to view Trump as a desirable heir to Muslim Obama and alternative to a radical Hillary Clinton. Others will console themselves with the thought that once elected, Trump will become another man. Still others will yearn for his victory, if only to confound Netanyahu and satisfy their own Schadenfreude.

Hillary Clinton's Zionist financial backers.Hillary Clinton’s Zionist financial backers.

Hillary Clinton's Zionist financial backers.

Hillary Clinton’s Zionist financial backers.

But most people, possibly in Israel and definitely around the world, will prudently pray for the GOP to get rid of Trump, and failing that, for Clinton or Bernie Sanders to defeat him in November. At the same time, they would do well to undo Netanyahu’s frivolous decision to put all of Israel’s eggs in the GOP basket, which is unraveling in front of our very eyes.

See : Hillary Clinton 2016: A Recipe for Endless War

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Zionist Puppets Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio tried to use an Israel hammer to bash Donald Trump, It Failed

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